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Noted Paperie & Invitation Coordination was founded on the principle that the art of paper correspondence is not dead. Gorgeous paper invitations and event materials will make any event, big or small, even greater. A place where in one stop, you will find creative and current designs that will parlay the feel of your event with custom invitation curation.

If you respect etiquette and tradition, appreciate the rules but want to break them just a little to create unique announcements for your celebration, we will be a great match!!

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Noted Paperie Stationery Subscription Boxes

While we wait patiently to help make the best impression at your next event with affordable, unique and creative invitations…let’s talk about putting pen to paper.

Almost everything has gone digital now, but nothing beats the thoughtfulness of a hand written note. When was the last time you sent a ‘Just Because’ card to someone to let them know you have been thinking about them? How often do you find yourself rushing to a drugstore at the last minute to grab a card on your way to an event?

Noted Stationery Subscription Boxes are themed monthly with amazing greeting cards (4-6) and fun paper accessories, including stamps! Each box is specially curated using unique designers that you won’t find in your local store. Our goal is to bring back the excitement, the old fashioned way of the written note, and the convenience of always having a card on hand to give or send.

The Noted Subscription Boxes make a great gift for anyone who loves to send a note!

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